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2 min readFeb 17, 2022


The Solarbeam Foundation joins SpiderDao in its latest hardware mining venture.

A Partnership that will forge a new future for Hardware mining

The SolarBeam foundation is not unknown to projects that push the envelope when it comes to crypto technology. Always open to new partnerships with projects that bring interesting concepts to the ecosystem.

Our partnership with SpiderDAO follows those exact principles.

By partnering up with multiple crypto projects, Spider DAO seeks to promote hardware mining among its users by introducing the SpiderMiner.

$SOLAR tokens — among other partner tokens — will be given as rewards to those farming with the SpiderMiner.

But the perks do not stop there. SpiderDAO also offers free VPN just by mining. And within the crypto community — where the security concern is always at an all-time high, this is one factor that is sure to onboard more enthusiasts.

SpiderMiner, more than just a Miner

SpiderMiner aims to bring multi-token mining to every crypto-related project — regardless of their network protocol or token characteristics — in an Eco-friendly, privacy-centric way.

It’s designed as a low-power device that produces consistently high returns on a wide range of high-quality, diversified tokens. The SpiderMiner deploys a hybrid mining Algorithm called POPS (Proof of Privacy Staking) that ensures an easy-to-operate user interface alongside world-class privacy, security and protection protocols. Users can simply and securely mine and earn.

SpiderMiner’s features will include:

  • SpiderVPN: Every user minting from the SpiderMiner will have access to a Spider Virtual Private Networka virtual shield using military-grade encryption.
  • Decentralised ID (DID): The Decentralised ID (DID) service combines hardware MIPS Architecture, offering Military-Grade Cryptography, ‎and 2-Factor authentication protocols.
  • Hardware DAO: Each SpiderMiner equals one vote. There are additional security measures implemented to avoid hoarding of many devices. In such cases, there will be instantaneous detection and blocking from the voting process to eliminate abuse of the feature.
  • Hardware Crypto Wallet: Users may access their hardware wallet from any registered personal device (Phone, Tablet, Computer) whilst ensuring maximum security.

Learn more about the SpiderMiner here.

$SOLAR Token Mining

The Solarbeam Foundation will provide an amount of $SOLAR tokens to be rewarded through mining with the SpiderMiner.

With this initiative, Solarbeam aims to create a crypto community conducive to growth.

The $SOLAR Token is one of the four tokens included in the 1st Mining Group, including the SpiderDAO’s developer token $SPDR.

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